Iris Carter

Writer - Editor - Teacher - Intuitive

Don't pray for me

When a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world, it can eventually cause a hurricane in another.
— Chaos Theory, Edward Norton Lorenz

Though the gesture and ceremony of prayer is well-intended, people must be careful with their words because they are so powerful in communicating to the source of creation.

Prayer is talking; meditation is listening. Too often we are so busy talking, we don’t hear the messages that are given to us. Sometimes we refuse to listen because it isn’t what we want to hear. In the depths of despair, when a person feels so isolated and alone, and asks, “Why me?” there is a response. A voice of comfort may quietly speak words : “You are not alone. You are loved.”  The presence is strong, yet a person engulfed in frustration, anger, and denial will proclaim the words heard in her mind to be untrue. Rather than listen and receive comfort and an answer to prayers, a person will choose denial of self-worth.

When people pray, they often ask for healing or a cure. “Please give that little boy a kidney so he can have his transplant,” they beg. And miraculously, the kidney arrives. But at what cost? Someone had to die. Yet, as long as the child in need gets his kidney, the people praying have no concern over the family that lost a child. That child is invisible to the prayerful. What if the kidney is rejected? Or perhaps the child receiving the kidney has additional issues, and really all he wants is to be free from his earthly confines.  Maybe his work in this realm is done and it is time for him to go, and on a spiritual level, he knows that. 

I heard a story about someone that was ready to pass on, yet his family kept getting people to pray for him.  He had three kidney transplants – each time, the kidney was rejected. Some people wait years for organ donations, but the power of prayer was evident for this person.  Yet, the person didn’t want to be saved. He was ready to go, and ultimately did.

People pray for what they think the solution to a problem is. Instead, they could pray for an outcome that is best for everyone concerned, and that the outcome be brought with grace and ease for everyone concerned.  It’s simple, profound, and unrestricted.

So wish me well, send light and love, and pray for the best outcome for all concerned. Just please, don’t tell God what you think is best for me.