Iris Carter

Writer - Editor - Teacher - Intuitive

She gave me great comfort in letting me know that he understood the cycle of life, was grateful for his time with us, and was well cared for.
— D.L.


Iris is a certified Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor  and a Manifesting & Abundance instructor. She is ready to help you find your path to health and well-being. 


The Mind-Body Connection

Everyone has beliefs that shape him or herself. We believe some things because of what someone said; we believe some things because of our experiences. Sometimes we have a belief that changes in our logical mind, but our subconscious doesn't have the same perspective. As a result, we are in conflict. 

Everyone deserves a chance find healing without judgement




  • Recognize your strengths
  • Gain insights from experiences
  • Find peace and move forward confidently
  • Recognize and change your motivations or triggers
  • Release anger
  • Find forgiveness

Seeking Change

Let Iris help you find your way.

Let Iris help you find your way.

For example, Sarah has a history of dating guys that need "rescuing." She thought she found someone different when she married Bob, who was confident, smart, and had a good job. However,  Bob's behavior started changing. It didn't take long for Sarah to realize Bob had been hiding his alcoholism from her. Even though she was consciously aware of the faults in previous relationships and had sworn to herself she would never get involved with another needy love, she still managed to repeat history.

Subconsciously, Sarah needed these relationships. She benefited because her subconscious believed she needed to take care of others and that self-sacrifice made her a better person.  With ThetaHealing® these beliefs can be found, removed, and replaced with positive ones. 


Scientific research has proven that stress affects our health, and physicians are increasingly recognizing the mind-body connection to restorative health.  Through ThetaHealing® , the connections are found, seated in the subconscious.  Physical healing is possible and can even be instantaneous.  

The God Factor

Iris knows her intuitive and healing abilities are from a higher power she refers to as the Creator of All That Is.  Through this practice, Iris also recognizes that we are all interconnected as part of the All That Is. In performing ThetaHealing®, the practitioner connects to the Creator and facilitates communication.

All religious practices are respected, free of judgment and discrimination. Often, people are not sure what they believe in, but perhaps recognize a higher power of some form. Belief is not required for a person to receive a ThetaHealing® session, 

ThetaHealing® for Pets and Pests

Iris has always had a special understanding of animals and ThetaHealing® has allowed her to explore those communications more deeply. Sending a message or unconditional love to a four-legged family member through the Creator of All that Is can relax and reassure the pet. Animals can benefit by communicating, reducing anxiety, finding comfort, and understanding its purpose.

Pests do what comes natural - find food and shelter.  But when they invade your food or shelter to fulfill their needs, it becomes an annoyance and a potential health hazard.  Through communication and energy work, Iris has had success in relocating pesky mice, groundhogs, crows, and other critters. 


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