Iris Carter

Writer - Editor - Teacher - Intuitive

The Reverend Iris Carter

Becoming an ordained minister was, for Iris, an affirmation of her faith in a higher power and her personal acknowledgement to Creator that she is moving forward on her life's path.  In January 2012, Iris was ordained by Light & Energy Workers Association (LEWA), a national, non-denominational spiritual organization. She currently serves as a LEWA Advisory Board Member.

As a  clergywoman recognized in all 50 states, Iris:

  • performs legal marriages.
  • performs spiritual rituals such as blessings and eulogies, and delivers sermons.
  • provide confidential guidance and consultation,
  • is open and non-judgmental of the general human condition.
  • honors all lifestyles and belief systems.
I am probably the most irreverent reverend you’ll ever meet.
— Iris Carter

Extensive training in interpersonal communication skills

35 years experience in human services and education